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I Promise That I'll ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!!!!
I Promise That I'll ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!!!!


The Strangers looks like a good movie. Is it? Let me know. :o

If you like good horror films then don’t watch it. I found it incredibly dull. I too thought it would be good but it lacks a story and suspense is done terribly. It’s something I won’t watch again. It’s just gore for the sake of it - and that’s plain boring.

I’m sure you will appreciate your new found leisure time

I’d appreciate not being dragged into and accused of shit that doesn’t even involve me.

I’m having things said about me because I stuck up for a friend. I don’t quite understand it?

I'm sorry that a select group of people have obviously caused you mental anguish by doing nothing at all but liking Nicky Wire.
What a beautiful group the White Stripes are

What a beautiful group the White Stripes are


Crucify me, I have an opinion, I’m sorry people have upset me and I posted about it. But now everyone says I’m aiming shit at them when it’s not true, but oh well. If you don’t like me tell me, unfollow me. It’s a blog.

People post stuff all the time about others, they take the piss out of fandoms, ‘chino wankers’, Sherlock, Manics, Coldplay, Radiohead, Muse etc. it seems anything I say is a ‘personal’ attack, but whatever. It’s an opinion, people should respect opinions.

Genuine friendship means more than fandoms, I’m a genuine friend and person, who never puts certain people ahead of others.

I’m hurt that I’m being known as a bad person. Whereas I am there for friends, and anyone. But yeah if you want a genuine friend then I’m here, always.

OMG DON’T SLAG OFF MUSE IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM SAY IT TO MY FACE BITCH. hahaha Seriously though, ^^^ - all is true!


I really didn’t like “The Strangers”.

The film pretty much has no storyline and relies on /shitty masks/ to make it appear scary. ALSO the death that does occur is terrible! No real emotion or believability OR creativity.

If you want a decent scary film, watch something like The Omen or The Amityville Horror or Halloween or The Thing (the originals, not the remakes!)


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